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A Semester of Tech


A New Mac

Well, my previous Mac had been having a few problems over time and I had multiple trips to both the Berkeley and San Francisco Apple Stores. Finally, today Apple decided to simply replace my Mac with a newer, but equivalent, model! Thunderbolt seems so cool, and I can’t wait to use it for something exciting, but so far the Intel i7 is amazingly fast.

I just want to publicly say Thanks to the guys at the San Francisco Apple store, and especially the market leader, Larry Verter who has been helping me with everything the past couple months. Apple does stand by their products and AppleCare is an excellent value and if you ever have problems, someone will help! It’s great that even though it took a little while for everything so get sorted out, it all went better than I expected in the end. :)

A Semester of Tech!

TEN of my 17 Units this semester are listed as CS classes! Another 4 are Math, and another 3 are a history class which is titled “The History of Information” and will talk about technology as it evolves, and the implications of language, to books to SMS. So, in other words, every class I have involves technology in some way which is pretty exciting! Some of my computer science classes include Python, Objective-C for the Mac and iOS, and a photography seminar! I’m looking forward to hopefully writing a bit more about what’s going on this semester, and if I’m lucky I’ll keep up with my photo a day. :)

Originally Posted:  Jan 16, 2012 at 07:29 am